Have You Been Seriously Injured In A Trucking Accident?

Trucking accidents are some of the most serious crashes that occur on Nebraska roadways. Those drivers who find themselves involved in an accident will often suffer extensive injuries, which will lead to high medical bills and other costs that make it difficult for victims to make ends meet. In many situations, these injuries are significant enough to require costly lifelong medical care.

At Harris Law Offices, PC, LLO, we represent motorists who have been injured in truck accidents. Our founding lawyer, James R. Harris, has 35 years of experience handling personal injury cases for our Nebraska clients. He knows how to evaluate your claims to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to receive due to your injuries.

Personal Attention Throughout Your Claim

Each of our clients works with our attorney, and will be kept informed about the status of their personal injury case. When you have questions or need advice about your case, you will be able to receive answers that directly apply to your specific situation.

We will analyze your case to determine the reasons behind the crash. We review the logs of the drivers involved in the accident to determine that all regulations have been followed. If there is any evidence that the driver may have exceeded hours-of-service limits, we will make sure to use this information to help you obtain a settlement that provides you with fair compensation.

Some insurance companies may be reluctant to make an offer that is in your best interests. They will contest your claims and fight you every step of the way, trying to get you to accept an offer that is well below the compensation you deserve. If you handle your case on your own, you may not understand these tactics and feel that you have to accept their offers. Having our experienced team on your side will help you protect the full value of your injury claims.

What You Need To Do If You Have Been Injured In A Trucking Accident

You need to know exactly what your truck accident case is worth before making any final decisions about your case. To schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorney, please call our Lincoln office at 402-817-0148 or toll free at 888-339-7938. You may also send us an email using our contact form.