Have You Been Injured While Driving Truck?

At the Harris Law Offices, PC, LLO, a large portion of our legal practice is devoted to helping truckers with their workers’ comp cases. Truck drivers have a much more difficult time with these cases than other workers, and if you are an injured trucker, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

Our founding attorney, James R. Harris, has spent the past 35 years helping injured truckers with their workers’ compensation claims. We are committed to helping you obtain the maximum amount of benefits that you are entitled to under these laws. We have a deep understanding of the issues that often develop in workers’ compensation cases for truckers, such as:

  • Incorrect calculations of the trucker’s average weekly wages — Drivers are often paid per mile, and receive bonuses for completing their routes on time. This can make it difficult to get an accurate determination of the amount of benefits that an injured truck driver should receive.
  • Health care is often a problem — Truckers live and travel across the country. They will want to see a doctor that is close to home, which can cause complications under workers’ compensation laws.
  • If they are unable to drive truck again after their injuries, they will have difficulty working in other occupations – truck drivers can make a substantial amount of money driving, and if their injuries prevent them from returning to the road, they will have severe earnings losses that must be accounted for under workers’ comp.
  • There are often third-party claims – if drivers are injured in accidents on the road or at a warehouse, they may have personal injury claims against these third parties, which would be in addition to the workers’ compensation claims they have against their employers.

If you are a trucker who has been injured or developed a condition while on the job, our lawyer will help you with your workers’ compensation or personal injury claims. We know the trucking businesses and the challenges you are facing, and we are confident that we will be able to overcome the obstacles that you are encountering in your case.

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