An Overview Of Our Workers’ Compensation Practice

Being injured on the job is a confusing time for most workers. They want to be able to return to work as soon as possible, but they know that they need extensive medical care before they will be able to perform their usual daily responsibilities. When they begin the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits, they may become even more confused about what they will need to do to receive the funds that they desperately need while out of work.

At Harris Law Offices, PC, LLO, we have helped many individuals who have been injured in workplace accidents. Our founding attorney, James R. Harris, has 35 years of experience obtaining benefits for injured workers under Nebraska workers’ compensation laws.

Skilled And Knowledgeable Guidance Throughout The Process

Our law firm is built on a commitment to the needs of our clients. You will be able to ask questions about the workers’ compensation process, and we will explain how the system works as well as the benefits available to you.

Through the years, we have helped workers in many different industries, including:

We have also helped a number of workers over the age of 50 who have been injured while on the job. There are unique challenges facing these individuals, especially if they have to find a new way to make a living. We help you obtain the training you need to learn the necessary skills to start a new career.

We know that you depend upon your job in order to make ends meet. We take our responsibilities in these cases very seriously, because we know that these are important issues to you. You can trust us to help you take advantage of the protections offered by the workers’ compensation laws.

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